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Before this all started it was just "the field".  It was where grass grew, the kids from the After School Program played, and where many events took place.  But in July of 2001 it began to change. After months of waiting and praying and fund raising, Fairmount Christian Church began its expansion project that hopefully will be concluded by our centennial year, 2002.
Once work finally started it didn't take long for the building started taking shape, branching off of the current gym. Every Sunday the church saw the progress advance on a very exciting project that would see the amount of space in the building double.
This site is to simply show you the progress of the great undertaking here at Fairmount Christian Church.   Our project is not to build an impressive building, but to offer more room to do the work of Christ, and to expand the ministry so that we can do a better job of witnessing to the community. Our theme "We're Making Room For You" means just that.  This massive undertaking is being done for you.
The site will feature pages with some of the pictures from our expansion project that started in the summer of 2001.  These photos will also be placed in a Microsoft PowerPoint File with more detailed information later on. Any questions specific to this website should be directed here.  For any general construction/expansion questions, feel free to call the church office at 804-559-8070, or visit the church website:

This page was last updated on February 14, 2002.
This website began on February 7, 1998