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The Family Life Center or more commonly known as the Gym is by far the most visible part of our expansion project.  This new wing to the building not only will contain the new gym, but it will house a built in stage, "green" rooms (which are preparation rooms for productions), storage rooms, locker rooms equipped with showers, in the gym there will be an integrated sound & video system along with a sound booth, an office for the After School Program, and several larger rooms capable of seating 100 or so people (one of which will be designated for the teens).  This new addition will free up the current gym to be converted into two floors of Bible School space.
Below are several photos taken of the Family Life Center construction area, the images below are pretty much just thumbnails of much larger pictures.

***NOTE: These images are not in chronological order***

The image to the left is of the Family Life Center in the early stages of development.  This image was taken in September of 2001.
The image to the right is of the main gym area.  Photographed on Jan. 27, 2002 following the installation of the roof beams.
To the left is another shot taken early on in construction.  This is the workers removing the windows to the current gym in order to construct the walls for the new one.
This image to the right taken on November 18, 2001 shows progress on the building is moving along.

This view on the left is that of the rooms that will be behind the Family Life Center.  Taken on February 16, 2002.
This view of the Family Life Center on the right, also taken 2/16/02.  The roof has just been added and the second layer of insulated plywood is being added.