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Ports of Call has links to pages dealing with ships and anything related with ships of any age.


A tribute to a liner of yesteryear SS America/SS Australis, excellent America site by Darren Byrne.


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Checkout the artifacts from Titanic from RMS TITANIC INC.

Nic Wilson's OLYMPIC, TITANIC, & BRITANIC PAGE: One of the best sites on White Star's famous trio
Queen Mary Organization: Learn of the state the famous Queen Mary is in.  

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Royal Regals is an excellent page on the great ocean liners.

Official site of the TITANIC movie.: The best Titanic movie to date.  

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Ships of States goes in depth on key liners of the 20th century.

Introduction to Normandie pages.: The elegant French S.S. Normandie  

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Masters of the Blue Riband is a great site with information on the ships that have won the coveted Blue Riband for fastest crossings.


New Steamship Consultant: Specializes in ocean liner products.


S.S. Australis Homepage by Ken Ironside:  A great page dedicated to the S.S. Australis (S.S. America).


Gigantic Concepts...Titanic Dreams: The many plans for a "Titanic II"

Maritime Matters: an excellent site on Pacific liners, as well as Atlantic.  A good site to view news on liners and cruise ships.


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THS is the place for info and insite on the Titanic.


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Abosotlutly a ship lover's dream the Mariners' Museum in Newport News, VA is home to great exhibits and specials


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