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Welcome to those joining the bookstore from the Normandie Webring.   The video, 'Floating Palaces' ; Harvey Aldman's book 'Normandie: Her Life and Times'; & the new book 'Monarchs of the Sea' by Kurt Ulrich are items essential to any Normandie enthusiast.

What we recomend at Ships of the Line...

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The Last Voyage starring Robert Stack, Directed by Andrew Stone

VHS Video-(1960)

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SOTL Description:  An action packed movie dealing with the sinking of an ocean liner.  Starring Robert Stack and George Sanders.  Also starring the Ile de France in which they actually sunk to film the movie.  A big finish for the Ile de France which was raised and scrapped after filming.  Buy this video


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Monarchs of the Sea: The Great Ocean Liners by Kurt Ulrich

Hardcover-264 pages (April, 1999)

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SOTL Descripton: This beautiful book documents the history of the great ocean liners, from accounts of early ocean-crossing vessels such as the Mayflower to modern state-of-the-art cruise liners used exclusively for holiday travel. The great ships--including Imperator, Īle de France, Normandie, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth--are portrayed as ambassadors for their countries of origin.  Monarchs of the Sea is well documented and full of interesting facts, figures, and personal accounts. Wonderful photographs, plans, and cutaways have been included. This is a book that anyone with an interest in maritime history should have.

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Titanic starring Leonardo Di Caprio & Kate Winslet, Directed by James Cameron

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SOTL Description: The Acadamy Award winning film about a free spirited artist & an aristocratic woman falling in love on the infamous liner Titanic.   Buy this DVD movie


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Floating Palaces by A&E Home Video.

VHS- NTSC  format for US & Canada only (1996)

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SOTL Description:  Because of this video, Ships of the Line exists.  An Excellent documentary on the great ships of the past 150 years.  From Cunard's Britannia to the Mauretania, Normandie, United States, and QE2, ocean liners from all walks of life serving in times of war and peace. A must have for any ocean liner enthusiast.  Buy this video.


Normandie: Her Life and Times by Harvey Aldman

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SOTL Description: The book to have you are a Normandie fan.  Goes indepth to the planning, construction and service of this grand lady.  Also it gives a detailed account of her demise.   Reads like a novel.  Includes pictures.

**Note: This book is out of print, but will find it for you and give you a price before you commit to buying it.   It usually takes about a week for to locate a copy, and email you the price.**

You can also purchase any other book, music, or video that offers HERE at Ships of the Line: Bookstore.

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