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Just How Big is Voyager?

Voyager of the Seas is 142,000 tons.  She now is the largest passenger ship afloat.  Voyager weighs over twice as much as the QE2.   To put her size into perspective here is a comparison of Voyager to some previous holders of the title 'largest ship in the world'

Ship's Name Voyager Titanic Normandie Queen Elizabeth Grand Princess
Weight 142,000 tons 48,000 tons 82,000 tons 83,637 tons 109,000 tons
Length 1020 feet 880 feet 1029 feet 1031 feet 951 feet
Beam(Width) 157.5 feet 90 feet 118 feet **** ****
Title Held begins 11/1999 April 1912 1935-1940 1940-1969 1998-1999