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Yet another big part of the expansion program is the renovation and addition of office space with in the church building.  This job will give the staff better facilities to conduct the day to day operations of the church.  Before the beginning of the expansion several offices were spread out throughout the building, due to lack of space in the main office.  When it's all said and done the new office complex will house space for the ministers, the staff, library, conference room, counseling room, and general office use.

Not too many may recognize what this picture is, but this was once the church library.  The door is the one that leads out to the main hallway.  The room has been divided into two rooms and this is one of them,  with the other able to be accessed through the hallway.  The library will be housed in a larger room to accommodate the continued expansion of the church's collections of books, videos, and music.

This shot of the former main office shows that much work has been underway.  This shows the restroom that's in the office and the corridor that went to the preacher's office.  That door to has been removed and a wall constructed, and the restroom door has been moved to the spot you see now.

These 2 shots show to the left, the office of Associate Minister Rick Raines, and on the right the office of the church secretary.  The wall between the 2 offices has been removed.