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Voyager of the Seas: Information on the new liner

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Cunard begins Queen Mary Project

"...the grandest and largest liner ever built-the epitome of elegance, style and grace." -Larry Pimentel, President of Cunard Line Ltd.

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    Cunard's president Larry Pimentel speaking to Norwegian stock holders, announced his intentions to build a new Queen Mary.  Intended to be a new generation of oceanliner, Pimentel says the new Queen Mary will be "...the grandest and largest liner ever built."  Hoping to create a second "Golden Age" of oceanliners, where Cunard will once again dominate with its huge superliners, the Queen Mary Project comes just as Cunard merged with Seabourn and the Carnival Corporation.  While no design has been created the team will meet constantly to discuss the new Queen to provide the epitome of oceanliners.  Pimentel says that he has no intention of using the new Queen Mary as a replacement for the popular Queen Elizabeth 2, but that they'll be partners as their predacessors where in the 40's, 50's and 60's.  Stay tuned to Ships of the Line to hear the latest reports on the Queen Mary Project.


A Review of 'Superliners' on the Discovery Channel

A fairly good presentation of the great ships of the 20th century, 'Superliner' aired this past Sunday on the Discovery Channel.  The hour-long program narrated by former CBS This Morning anchor Harry Smith, goes into the awe and strength of the ships, that crossed the Atlantic.  The program unfortunatly spent the whole first half hour on the ships of pre-WWI the Mauretania, Lusitania, and Titanic.   Fifteen minutes were spent on the Titanic alone.  The only historical inaccuracy was dating the sinking of the Titanic to be on "April 12, 1912" but other than that they were accurate.  Wonderful footage of the Normandie, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, United States, and Rex as well as great interviews with noted Liner historians. 'Superliners' was a good program to watch, and is a good tool to relive the great era of the mighty ocean liners.  

America WorldCity

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Stand Aside Grand Princess, Voyager of the Seas to be largest ship.

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Grand Princess is the largest and most luxerious ship on the ocean,...right now.  This time next year however Grand Princess will have to make way for Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas the new liner which will come in at 142,000 tons will be nearly 3 times larger than the Titanic.   Voyager of the Seas is currently under construction at the Kvaerner-Masa Shpyards in Finland.  Voyager will be longer than 3 football fields, she'll be punctuated by two atria up to 11 decks high, she'll be equipped with specialty shops, Champagne Bar, a revolving arcade with the world's largest interactive roulette wheel, activated by a four deck high roulette ball tower.  Voyager will provide the best in food service with 6 diffrent resturants including one dedicated to the 1950's.   Voyager will have a 1350 seat theatre, a 900 seat arena, a rock climbing wall, In-line skating track, an ICE skating rink equipped with her own zamboni, a wedding chapel in the sky, and her own radio/TV station RCTV.  Voyager of the Seas will be one of the first Eagle-class liners and she's expected to be delivered to Royal Caribbean in November of 1999.

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Royal Caribbean Chairman, Richard Fain (center), with
Voyager of the Seas under construction in Turku, Finland