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Royal Mail Steamer Mauretania

    The ship that started the  20th century, the RMS Mauretania was the epitome of liners during the first quarter of this century. The first of three sisters the Mauretania was the largest ship afloat during the first decade of the century until her sister Lusitania was launched. People fell in love with the Mauretania.  Not because of her size, or luxury, but because of her comfort that people felt on her.   The Mauretania was Cunard's premire ship.  The Mauretania was called to duty during the First World War and served faithfully.  Upon the sinking of her sister, the Mauretania was joined with the Aquatania and the Berengaria for the Trans-atlantic run.  When the United States passed the immigration quotas during the twenties, and prohibition, the Mauretania offered "dollar-a-day" crusies.  Taking dry, thirsty Americans past the three-mile limit to quench their thirst on the wet British ship.  The Mauretania served throughout the twenties and was retired in 1935 to make way for the Queen Mary.   The scrapping of the Mauretania was seen as sacreligious.  Even US president Franklin Roosevelt called upon the British to at least take her out and sink, giving her a viking's funeral.  Unfortunalty the Maurentania ended her life in Great Britain and became shot and shell for the Second World War.  

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Mauretania dressed in her "dazzle" camoflouge during the First World War.


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