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If you've ever either come to the church on business or visited on Sunday morning than you know two things.  1. There's really no main entrance, and 2. That hallway gets awfully crowded on Sundays.  Well this is all changing.  Part of the expansion is the construction of a main entrance to the building.  This entrance will open into a new foyer that will be much larger than the current one.  It will also span the building from the sanctuary to the Bible School wing. Along with the Family Life Center, this project is also a very visible sign of our expansion program. It will make it easier to enter the church offices.

This image to the left is or was the main entrance to the gym foyer. 
To the right is the new entrance with the double doors that lead into the sanctuary foyer in the background.

left: This view of the Main Entrance is looking towards the Sanctuary.
right: This once was the front of the offices.  It is now enclosed by the addition of the new entrance to the building.