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United Star Ship Enterprise


To Bodly go Where No One has gone Before

Truly a ship of the ages, the USS Enterprise is as much apart of ship history as Yankee Stadium is to baseball.  Though she's a "Ship of the Future" she has had a long history.  The sixth ship to bear the name Enterprise she is a Soverign Class Starship, launched or will be launched in 2373.  Enterprise has traveled back to the year 2063 to help save the earth and is the flagship to the United Federation of Planet's Starfleet Command.   She is currently under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. 

The Enterprise's history goes back to 2253 when she was launched under Starfleet Reistry NCC-1701 since then she has been under the command of seven captains.  The originial Enterprise had three captains while the Enterprise A-E where each commanded by a seperate captain.

This sixth installment to NCC-1701 was bulit at the San Francisco Shipyards orbiting planet Earth. She has 24 decks and accomodates a crew of 1000.  Enterprise is 2,248 feet long and divided into two sections: the larger saucer section which is capable of detaching from the main drive section which house the two warp nacelles to propel the ship to faster-than-light speeds.

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